New Logo as well as New Inspiration

2013-10-25 20:47:35 by ryanIs

Hello, my fellow Newground Friends! How have you been? Good I hope, because I sure have. Now that I've familiarized myself with my new college schedule, and work, I'm beginning to fit- back into my schedule- some time to work on flash games! I will continue to advance my skills with flash and improve artwork, programming, and music style.

I've created a new theme for my channel. This is a snapshot of my new "Ryan Isler" logo, I like how it turned out and will be using it from now until I create a newer version!

The projects I'm currently working on: Stone King 3, Super Metroid III, and an unnamed project (arcade) will all have this new animated logo at the beginning; These projects, along with new ideas I've put on the back burner, will be released 2014: I am looking forward to firing up my creative juices, and keeping them heated throughout the entire year of 2014. I've found new inspiration, as well as a new pathway for my career. I will be pursuing it vigilantly through practice. These practices will be the results of my work for Newgrounds, and other digital media platforms.

Seize the day.

New Logo as well as New Inspiration


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