Entry #17

Stone King 3

2014-10-19 04:00:05 by ryanIs

Jump into the world of Stone King 3 to defeat the Kingdom of Darkness:


The war between Stonite and man left a lasting impact on the environment. The four kingdoms had to rebuild, among them: the Kingdom of Darkness also built in secret. Dependant on the secrecy provided by the evil forest, the Kingdom of Darkness has grown in the shadows. Filled with rebels from each of the Kingdoms, the Kingdom of Darkness is to be feared.

After a year of on and off development on the 3rd installment of the Stone King 3 it has arrived. The battle system in contrast with the previous two installments is over-head and combines aspects of both. Attacking is automatic and abilities are used on keypress. Additionally something I'd been wanting to add in both the first and second was an expansion of quests, and skilling. I started on fishing back in SK1 but didn't complete it. In SK2, the way the game flowed simply just didn't work with skilling. In SK3, the over-head view and system of interacting with objects works perfectly with skilling. Just click on ores, fishing spots, and people while being close enough; simplicity was key in developing this verson of Stone King.

Will there be a Stone King 4?

The answer is yes. I've created StoneKingIV.fla and have the story, and battle system conceptualized. I am looking forward to composing the score for this one; game by game, I am learning what works and what doesn't work in music. The music sometimes needs to be technical and still go unnoticed. It's an interesting, yet challenging task as a game designer




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