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Stone King Release

2011-09-22 21:21:51 by ryanIs

Stone King has been released!

If you are into RPG's you will like Stone King!

Ah yes, and have a wonderful Madness day 2011!

Stone King Release

And the Crowd goes WIld!!

2011-09-19 22:49:22 by ryanIs


It's Black Gun 2, revenge of the dark - okay just Black Gun 2.

Development time 2 hours. :)

It's right for you to play because it's quick and easy:

Rock out bras
(play with your friends if I decide to have the server up)
(post a comment on this news post when it's the most recent to not only get the server up, but to have your username / name or something about you in Black Gun 3 ( cuz I can ) ) - first comment wins

here have a picture homes.

And the Crowd goes WIld!!

Black Gun Release

2011-09-18 19:00:35 by ryanIs

Development Time: 1 hour 37 Minutes
Mood: Goooooooooooooood

Stone King is 10,222 MB, and just so 222 KB over the limit :(
Black GUn on the other hand is something 3 MB.

Here ya go:

You are the Black Gun!!

Black Gun Release

Working on a New Project

2011-08-20 16:32:50 by ryanIs

Hello Newgrounds. Stone King is finished, and now I'm moving on to another project.

This project will be shorter in game-time, and a lot shorter in development time (thank god)!

Release date will be set sometime before school starts (September 6th, Tuesday).

No picture for this pots :(

Stone King is going very well.
Much progress is being made.

The results I'm getting are just as I wished they would be!
I am currently finishing the boss ( Jack ) for Jack's Cave. After I complete Jack's Cave, I will have only three more areas / bosses to complete, then the final boss. Once this is finished, I will roll the credits at the end of my project, and release Stone King on August 19th

A fun fact is after this project, I will have no more flash projects written in AS2 coding. I will be completly done with AS2, and will happily matriculate to the levels of AS3. ^.^

On top of that, I will definitely not be working on a big project ( RPG ) for a while, I will be doing small ( Most likely Arcade Games ) projects such as Terry, because it is quick, and the end of the work process isn't far from the beginning. : )

But that's later! Here's the now:
A picture of me inside Jack's Cave fighting a wolf that is many levels lower than me is now for you, to view.

Stone King - Progress is being made

Stone King - Release Date

2011-07-04 13:38:22 by ryanIs

The good news is here!

Stone King will be released on August 19th, 2011, 12:00 AM!

I've been working on this project for way too long, so I've decided to cut back on the ideas I've had for the future parts of the game and work on what was necessary. The goal is to get this done, and move on.

Here, have a title screen sample.

Stone King - Release Date

Release Day: Terry

2011-06-03 20:25:54 by ryanIs

Today is Release Day for Terry

Game Description:
Terry is a Stick Person. You control Terry.
Terry is in a dream. The only way to escape
this dream is death. How far can you go?
How long can you last? Terry will obey
your every command; Terry is only as skilled as the one who guides him: Let him survive.

Making this was fun, and testing it was even more fun; Check out my Terry, please leave a comment for Terry! When you're finished, please make a comment for my next game idea and I'll give you a shout out in that game. Or if your up for a collaborative project, let me know. I'm ready.

Release Day: Terry